Digitalization: Masogo Advisors Bringing Change to the Infrastructure Industry

Published in AP News Buenos Aires, Argentina // PRODIGY: Feature Story // As we progress into an ever-growing digital era, Masogo Advisors has encouraged its clients from the get-go to go digital. The digital transformation is a scary one, but it is propelling corporations in directions they never would have imagined. Digital infrastructure has successfully enriched the daily lives of millions, from farming innovation to location-based technologies. We

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Masogo – Penetrating the Mexican renewable energy market.

When the CEO of a European multinational specialized in the development and management of infrastructure and renewable energy contacted us in 2017, he had a clear goal: to quickly and cost-efficiently penetrate the South American market. But where to start? For the past 20 years, their main markets had been Europe and North America.  After a thorough analysis of the company, its operational model, investment capability and goals,

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Gaining an Investment Foothold in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities

Published in MarketWatch Entering into a new market always provides unparalleled opportunity alongside unpredictable challenges. Investing in Brazil is no exception. The 5th largest country in the world, Brazil boasts the 12th largest world economy and a GDP valued at R$7.348 trillion (US$1.363 trillion) in 2020. Brazil constitutes half of South America and has the largest economy in Latin America. With a population of around 211 million, Brazil

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Covid-19: Business Development in Latin America

From independent businesses to corporations, Covid-19 shook the ground beneath most industries. Covid-19 shifted the meaning of growth in global activity, expansion, and business development. Corporations suffered from lack of collaboration and activity between companies, in turn decreasing sales, marketing, and distribution. Entrepreneurs found themselves with little flexibility and less economic mobility.  In response to the pandemic, mass layoffs and closures have occurred among businesses big and small.

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