Masogo Advisors

We provide years of expertise in guiding small-scale startups and SME’s with professional business consultancy. Based in Buenos Aires and with over a decade of experience, Masogo transforms complex marketing and financial strategies into sophisticated business solutions. We deliver valuable skills and insights to a wide range of clientele looking to grow and improve their value proposition.

Message from our CEO

Jose Miguel A. Sanchez

“For over 12 years, I have watched Masogo flourish into a space of trust and transparency, where our team leads clients towards financial and strategic success. Masogo is committed to a journey alongside our clients, providing tailored investments and market insights for their initiatives. Looking ahead, I am eager to see both new and existing clients benefit from our consultancy expertise.”

Our Approach

Based in Buenos Aires and London, specializing in Latin American markets, our consultants consist of a group of local experts helping our clients transition into exceptional business leaders. Our clientele ranges from small-scale business owners to multinational enterprises and investors from all corners of the globe. With over 12 years of experience in leveraging market penetration, our consultants are prepared to assist clients who want to enter various markets. We are proud to collaborate with industry experts from around the globe, maximizing our global reach with a growing network of international professionals.

How We Work

Our boutique consulting firm comprises a group of professionals helping build a multidisciplinary approach using data-driven decision-making. With over 85% of our engagement from referrals and returning clients, we understand each client’s engagement is different. Our consultants are prepared to tailor solutions with a clear focus, creating and defining key growth measures for transformative change. We use this approach to bring innovation to the growing industries of finance, energy, technology, IT & telecoms, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Contact Us

Contact us directly at:
+44 19 3262 9269
Press 1 for London I Press 2 for Buenos Aires

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all our staff are currently working from home.

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